Scan your suspicious files here

Using the form below you can upload a sample of suspected malware to be fed into our analysis network. We can accept any type of file including executables, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, compiled help files, database packages, PDF, images, emails, or archives.

Our scanning system will automatically process and email you back a report about your submitted files if you provide your email address. Occasionally we may contact you for more information about particularly interesting samples so that, together, we can help make the internet a safer place for everyone.

For your convenience, you can also forward your malware samples by email to You can forward any suspicious emails you receive or add files as attachments. Include any comments that may be helpful for follow up or to support further research.

Also, before downloading a file from a suspicious website, use Submit File URL form to have it scanned first.

File Submission Details
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Drag your files for analysis onto the page. Upload them to get a malware/virus detection report determined using a variety of tools.

Malware Sample Submission Notes

  • The maximum file size for uploads using this form is 20M.
  • Only image files (JPG, GIF, PNG) are displayed with a preview.
  • Some analysis results may take a few minutes to generate depending on CPU load.
  • Record the file hash code to use in other search/reporting utilities if desired.
  • For email analysis, please try to include the full email headers wherever possible:
    • You may need to view headers then copy and paste them into the forwarded message.